Puppy Grooming FAQ


When can my puppy come in for its first grooming?
Your puppy can come in for its first grooming at the age of 12 weeks or after it has received the third set of vaccination shots from the vet. This way your puppy can be safely in an area with other dogs without any risks.

Why is first grooming for puppy important and what should we take note?
It is important to start your puppy off to a pleasant grooming experience right away. We want to train the puppy to get used to the idea of grooming. Don’t wait until the coat is too long and matted. This will be a very traumatic first hair-cut for your puppy. We want to make sure the first experience is a positive one. Many people wait until the puppy is over 6 months for their first groom. However, the sooner you familiarize them with being groomed, the happier your puppy will be. We associate the puppy’s first grooming experience with that of a childs’ first dentist appointment. If it scares them, they will fear and dread it the rest of their lives. However, if introduced at a young age and introduced CORRECTLY, it can be both a positive and rewarding experience.

Is grooming all about making my puppy look good?
Grooming isn’t just about making your puppy look good. Regular care removes dead hair, keeps the coat and skin healthy, and gives you the opportunity to check your puppy’s general health. At Furkids Home, we will do basic check-up for all dogs and cats grooming with us free of charge.

My puppy’s coat is not very long and thick, does it need grooming?
A puppy’s coat is quite different to an adults’. It may be softer, fluffier, and shorter, but it’s still important to get your puppy used to being groomed, even if it doesn’t actually need it yet. If your dog gets into the routine of being handled, and learns to enjoy it, grooming will be much easier in the future.

What is the key for successful puppy grooming?
Love and patience are the keys to successful puppy grooming. Ear cleaning, nails clipping, shaving of fur around their paws area and genital area are sensitive actions to most puppies. They will tend to resist or move a lot and it is quite unlikely they will sit still. Finding a patient groomer is important.

Do you use special shampoo for puppy?
Yes, we use the brilliant quality premium Earthbath shampoo specially made for puppy. It is totally natural pet shampoo made with natural essential oils and other good ingredients from nature. They don’t contain parabens, harsh soaps, artificial dyes or fragrances, phosphates, or toxins, so you don’t have to worry about what might be left behind on your puppy or the environment. It is exceptionally mild, effective, and safe for puppy.

Do I need to make an appointment for my puppy grooming?
It is best to make a grooming appointment to ensure your puppy is groomed on a day and time that best suits you. Call +65 6243 1008 or SMS / Whatsapp +65 9777 2042 for a puppy grooming appointment.

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