What is Anal Glands Express?


Is your dog dragging his hind end on the floor? Is he chewing at himself? Is he chasing his hind quarters?

This most likely means that your dog needs his anal glands done. The anal glands are scent glands that are used for marking. Some dogs will express these glands when nervous or scared. These glands are located under the skin next to the anus. In larger dogs these glands are usually expressed by the dog, however in smaller dogs these glands need to be expressed by hand. If these glands are not expressed frequently then the dogs anal glands can become impacted and cause infection.

Should your dogs anal glands become impacted and infected please get them to the vet immediately so that they can be taken care off. This is such an issue in some dogs that the anal glands have to be surgically removed.

Your groomer should be expressing these glands when your dog goes in for grooming. There should not be an extra charge. This is part of the job. So when taking your dog in be sure to remind your groomer to do this.

At Furkids Home, anal glands express is included in all our grooming services.

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