Our Grooming Salon

A tour to our new pet grooming & spa salon. It was designed with your furkid in mind, with modern and new design, new equipment, and new spa services for your furkid.

What remain unchanged are,

  • Furkids🐶🐱Always Gets Priority!
  • ❤️Your Trusted Three Siblings Pet Groomers❤️ Wayne, Alfred, and Andric

We couldn’t be more excited and more ready to welcome your furkid, and you!

Our heartfelt tribute to our beloved Acas in the heaven🌈 Acas is the reason, the only reason Furkids Home exists; to provide trusted, and pet loving grooming services.


Great services and relaxing atmosphere

Furkids Home Grooming Salon is fully equipped with the highest quality products and equipment to provide your furkids with an excellent grooming experience.

Seeing your furkid relaxed and look beautiful is our pleasure.
We respect and pay attention to your furkids’ feeling when we groom them.

There are two areas in particular that we pride ourselves in: your furkid will enjoy the environment and you will receive the best quality service

Floor to Ceiling Full Glass Grooming Room

Every grooming and spa session takes place behind floor to ceiling full glass grooming room where owners and passerby will have full view of the process. In addition, we are a cage-free grooming salon. Your pet won’t be caged while waiting for their turn, during grooming, and after grooming. Even for Paws En Route service, your pet won’t be caged while they are being transported to-and-fro.

Hygienic and Sterilised Salon

As part of grooming, proper cleaning and sterilization are essential for the health of your furkid. You should consider visiting other groomers if these two points are not pratised.

At Furkids Home Grooming Salon, all combs, nail clippers, scissors and clipper blades are placed underneath a UV light between each grooming service, and cleansed with disinfectant.

Grooming restraints, grooming tables and muzzles are also cleaned between each service using disinfectant.

We also fumigate our salon regularly to get rid of ticks and fleas. This will reduce chances of ticks and fleas infestation to the minimum.


Modern Grooming Equipments

Bath tub
Big and spacious bath tub with hot shower
Your furkid will enjoy spacious bath tub with hot shower. The flat-faced standing pad platform is used like old style grates to keep your furkid out of standing water. Don’t worry about your furkid standing on the round wire grill, which could be painful for their delicate paws.

Skin and coat therapy in ozone water to treat skin problem, hair loss and fur cleansing
Ozone therapy is the latest innovation in dogs’ spa. The treatment uses hydromassage and ozone water to improve skin and coat conditions, alleviating symptoms of infections, allergies and dermatitis. The ozone bath increases blood circulation, relieves itchy, eases stress, oxidizes bacteria and viruses, prevents or treats infections, bathes away physical fatigue, relaxes joints and muscles, gives back to dogs a sense of vitality.

Best Drying Equipment

At Furkids Home, we don’t use cage or cabinet drying. All dogs are hand dried using the best drying equipment and with full attention of our groomer.

Cage dryers can be potentially harmful to your pet. The timer on a cage dryer can break, exposing your dog to hot air for longer than is safe for your pet. And because groomers typically leave dogs unattended while using them, a faulty cage dryer can pose a serious risk to your dog.

Grooming Products

Our salon uses the brilliant quality premium shampoo and conditioner range. It is totally natural pet shampoo and conditioner made with natural ingredients and other good stuff from nature. They don’t contain parabens, harsh soaps, artificial dyes or fragrances, phosphates, or toxins, so you don’t have to worry about what might be left behind on your furkid or the environment. Exceptionally mild, effective, and safe for pets over 6 weeks old.

We stock a wide range of medicated shampoo for pet with itchy and skin problem. Do let our groomers know so that we can use the appropriate shampoo.

Other grooming products like toothpaste, ear cleanser, etc used in our salon are Vet-Grade quality.



Our Grooming Salon

At Furkids Home, pets get priority. That's why the new grooming salon is 2/3 of the size of the shop. We also have a private & dedicated grooming room, to provide a quiet and stress-free environment for your cats. For a dog who gets anxious or excited around other dogs or even for a puppy who is not quite ready to interact with other dogs, we are happy to arrange your dog grooming to be done in the private room too.