Why Do Dogs Always Look Out The Window

It is Sunday morning and you and your dog just finished your long walk. You’re heading back home, driving through different neighborhoods, and even on the expressway. In every place you go, your dog is intrigued. Their face is glued to the window and as you watch them, it is as if they are analyzing Read More

Clipping your dogs toenails

You know you need to clip your dog’s toenails regularly. You attempted to do the right thing but could not seem to hold the dog still to complete clipping even one nail. Or you attempted to clip the dog’s nails, quicked a nail, the nail bled the dog screamed, you abandoned the pedicure and neither Read More

What is Anal Glands Express?

Is your dog dragging his hind end on the floor? Is he chewing at himself? Is he chasing his hind quarters? This most likely means that your dog needs his anal glands done. The anal glands are scent glands that are used for marking. Some dogs will express these glands when nervous or scared. These Read More

Puppy Grooming FAQ

When can my puppy come in for its first grooming? Your puppy can come in for its first grooming at the age of 12 weeks or after it has received the third set of vaccination shots from the vet. This way your puppy can be safely in an area with other dogs without any risks. Read More

Why groom cats?

At Furkids Home, we understand how cat behaves. Some cats really don’t like to see dogs or hear dogs barking. They tend to stress out a lot and sometimes become aggressive. Some cats really don’t care too much for dogs. We want them to be as relaxed as possible to enjoy their grooming experience. We Read More