Dog Spa

Our professional grooming salon and spa offers a wide range of  spa and treatment services to pamper and at the same time treat your dog skin problems.


microbubbleMICROBUBBLE SPA THERAPY fr $28  (Buy 5, get 1 Free)

The Amazing Power of Microbubble SPA Therapy!!

Microbubbles are 1/1000 the size of ordinary water bubbles, so they are small enough to get into the pores of the skin. They contain negative ions which bond with dirt (which has positive ions). And as all bubbles do, they rise up, taking all impurities with them out of the pores.

Skin and hair will remain moisturized because the balance of water and sebum (natural body oil) on the skin’s surface will be controlled.

Old sebum (which has odour-causing bacteria) and dead keratin (outer skin & hair cells) will be cleaned away.


thalossoTHALOSSO THERAPY SPA fr $28  (Buy 5, get 1 Free)

This spa uses products developed by scientifically blending mud ingredients produced in various regions of the world with sea mud and seaweed extract ingredients, and designed to maintain healthy pet skin and coats. Since ancient times, in Europe and elsewhere, the power of mud has been used in treating chronic illnesses and in beauty care, and mud’s effectiveness in these areas has been widely recognized.



aromaticsaltAROMATIC BATH SALT SPA fr $25  (Buy 5, get 1 Free)

The bath salt serious contains mineral salt from the Dead Sea which helps to condition your pets’ skin leaving it tighter and healthier. It relaxes your pet by pampering them with natural aromatic fragrance and botanical extract ingredients.




herbal1HERBAL BATH SPA fr $20  (Buy 5, get 1 Free)

Using oriental flower therapy, we offer a natural soothing therapy for dogs with sensitive skin. The essence and formulation was extracted from oriental botanicals that promise to improve problems of sensitive skin.



mudspaDEAD SEA MUD SPA fr $25  (Buy 5, get 1 Free)

High mineral Dead Sea mud allows skin to stay naturally hydrated and moisturized, gently cleanses and detoxifies pores by exfoliating impurities and toxins.



deepcleansingpawDEEP CLEASING PAW TREATMENT fr $20   (Buy 5, get 1 Free)

If your dog likes to lick its paws, this is highly recommended. Most dogs lick their paws as there is buildup of bacteria, fungus and/ or yeast in the toes and around their paw pads. This treatment also moisturizes dry and cracked paws.